• Good afternoon.

    As a bureaucrat of the désencyclopédie (the french version of uncyclopedia) I want to tell you that I share all your fears. I think all the version should communicate in order to find a solution to protect our appearance, because I don't think they are just going to abandon their idea.

    With kindest regards.

    Don Gaspacho

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    • Thanks for your message Don Gaspacho. I think this is an important issue for all the Uncyclopedias (and the other names used) as parodies of Wikipedia. I see there is a pseudo-monobook skin. See here  - We are having a cross-wiki discussion on Uncyclopedia which you are welcome to join. 

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    • Thanks you for the link and the invitation. I may come to that discussion, as long as I will be able to be understood (my english is poor).

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    • No problem, you are very welcome. My French is terrible, even though I once had a French girlfriend. Like France a lot and the people there. :) 

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    • It is very nice ! I have told you on the main topic that we have an article about Fandom/Wikia's censorship. I didn't want to give the link over there, but here, it is more secure, so you could try to read it : enjoy !

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    • A FANDOM user
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