• I am an administrator at the Once Upon a Time wiki ( We have an abuse filter against profanity and offensive language, which was created for us by the Volunteer Spam Task Force. The filter was not supposed to affect regular users (they usually behave themselves), only new users (because trolls love to pepper us with insults and strong profanity); the VSTF informed me of that.

    Therefore, as a quick way of dealing with trolls, I changed the settings so that a user who triggers the filter is automatically blocked and has their autoconfirmed status revoked. Unfortunately, the new settings turned out to also affect regular users, as a user who is an image moderator was blocked (she suggested a quote for an article, which had the word "bitch" in it). I lifted the block and reverted the settings for the filter, but her autoconfirmed status has not been returned to her (it takes four days to be autoconfirmed, but it's been four days now) and therefore, she is unable to upload images (you need to be autoconfirmed for that, because trolls have attacked us in the past by uploading porn), nor can she edit pages which only autoconfirmed users can edit.

    Is there a way to give her the autoconfirmed status back? I checked her user rights, but there were no settings for it. Can anyone help?

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    • If you look under the details of the abuse filter, there's a tool to revert actions taken by this filter. If you click on that, you can select the time period for actions to be reverted. This should undo all of the listed actions, and give the user back their autoconfirmed status. Note that you cannot choose individual actions from the list; if you want to undo just one action, you need to make the time interval smaller.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    • Thanks, I've done as you instructed. Hopefully, it will work :-)

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    • A FANDOM user
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