• Hi, I have a problem with my template Image description box, it still appear "}}" and I don't know how to get rid of it. Could you help me and edit the template?

    The link template: c:avatar:vi:Template:Chỗ thử
    The link page example: c:avatar:vi:File:Painted Lady.png

    Tem error vi.avatar

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    • Looking tat this template it is way to complicated to parse out the problem easily.

      I would suggest putting as many of the {{#switch: ... }} parts into other templates as you can to try to figure out what is wrong. Having so many switches inside of switches is asking for trouble. You could also try to use comments (<!-- ... -->) and linebreaks with indenting to try to make sure all your {{#if: ... }} sets are closed properly.

      Making such a mess of a template (or copying it) and then trying to get someone else to decipher it is just cruel.

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    • @Fandyllic: I'm sorry, I just copied from the English wiki, it is a big mess. I've tried to get rid of a bunch of switches inside of switches (color, bgcolor, border-color.. depend on which Book, each book each color, etc), but it is all still a mess.

      And thank you ^_^ I try to use the linebreaks and now it all makes sense, I just figured it out and fixed it properly :D

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    • You don't need to apologize. Can you give a link to the template on the English Avatar wiki? I may be able to clean it up, if I see it in English. Also, I know one of the main admins there, so I can ask her to get someone to try to clean it up too, since it would benefit them anyway.

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    • @Fandyllic: I just viewed the template's history, it is clearly that User:Xiao Qiao (the founder of vi.avatar) copied it directly from c:avatar:Template:Imagebox?&oldid=1292363 6 years ago, as you can see the whole style of switches in switches there. I succeed her work then I just let the template be that way (yeah, my bad)

      The current version of c:avatar:Template:Imagebox is updated with new theme, less of the style above, but it is still a big mess. I hope you could find a way to clean it up.

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    • Give me a reminder to work on it on my wall with a link to the template.

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