• I have an issue with the blog listing feature.

    I am an admin at a group of three wikis. These wikis are in English, German and Japanese.

    For the English and German wikis, the blog listing feature works fine and displays posts as it should. When I'm on the Japanese wiki, though, the programming has an issue and I can't create the default blog listing called "ブログ:最近の投稿" (translates as "Blog:Recent Posts").

    I want to create it, so I can turn it into a redirect, redirecting it to the actual, functioning version, which is called "ブログ:Recent posts".

    When I try to create or edit "ブログ:最近の投稿", the wiki sends me to the "Create a new blog listing page" and gives me the following error:

    Blog listing tag not recognized on page: ブログ:最近の投稿

    I don't know, why this happens, but I assume, its because of the Furigana and Kanji (Japanese writing). It shouldn't really be an issue, because the Japanese wiki is obviously made with Japanese writing in mind and normally supports pages with Furigana and Kanji names, but for this one case, it doesn't work.

    I don't even know, if I'm right here, or if I should ask over at the Japanese Community Central's forums, as this seems to be a technical thing.

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    • Please give a link to the wiki.

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    • It's Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia Nihon. ("Nihon" is Japanese for "Japan")

      If you go here, you will see, that no blogs are listed at all.

      When I go here instead, I can see them, but the other one is the one, that appears as the default link over at the message on the right when you are logged in.

      When I try to use ?action=edit or ?action=create (because it's not possible to edit it via a button like with normal pages, blogs, etc.), I get the error.

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    • Also, for whatever reason, the box on the right has gone missing for the Japanese wiki. How weird...

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    • That's missing alias.

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    • This looks like just a straight up bug. Report it to Fandom staff via Special:Contact/bug. You could also ask some folks at Wikia Language Brigade (ja), if this is a new problem or not.

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    • That's bad, isn't it? Probably doesn't just affect our wiki, if it's like that. :(

      Okie-dokie. I'm going to contact the staff and tell them about that.
      Also going to ask the WLB.



      I contacted both, just to be sure. :3

      Also, thanks for the kudos!

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