• Heya, you've put on TimmyQuivy's userpage and message greeting and are asking to be promoted to Bureau and Admin (and, furthermore, claiming to be one on your user profile), and, while I can understand wanting to help out and become a member of staff, it takes time and effort to be asked, and you have to be offered a position. (Plus we recently got more staff members, so don't currently need more)

    On top of this, if you are intending to impersonate TimmyQuivy or to take actions as if you have the same roles as he does, I suggest that you stop now.

    If you've just chosen the icon because you like it, that's fair enough I guess.

    If you intend just to edit happily and aren't trying to do anything wrong (as it is entirely possible) just let me know and I'll hide this message away.


    (If you by some miracle actually are TimmyQuivy, then let me know, with proof, of course)

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