• Hi L, I was recently contacted by a user on Wikia going by the alias BenBenson1. He bewailed about how he was mistreated and baselessly blocked, or rather banned, from editing or creating wikia pages. Now I know that he probably made some silly edits that are undeniably inexcusable, but give the guy a second chance. He purported to have been active on the wikis since 2005. That’s certainly not a short stay. I promised to conform his request by asking you to unblock (or unban) BenBenson1. Into the bargain, Ben assured to never make a "racially insensitive or hateful" post to the wikia community ever again, as a way to say sorry, or at least try to appease the hatefulness, sort to say. Now this message is not at all a command or must-to, rather a request, a friendly request. Again, Ben has felt apologetic after the whole article incident, and he wants his account back. I believe Ben also had some projects on other wikia pages that went unfinished because of this. The way he edited yesterday was kind of usurped tbh, not at all in my favor. But, I digress. Please, under me and Bens request, unblock his Wikia account. I also have to thank you for your work on Wikia. Means a lot when people like you take down the "actual problem" on the internet. Anyways, there was my little message concluded. All love, from Johnny Harden.

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    • Hi there, sorry for the late reply. This message slipped by my attention.

      Global blocks are only discussed with the blocked user in private, especially since I wasn't the one who blocked him. A staff member did. As such, I advise your friend to contact FANDOM themselves and tell them their side of the story.

      Kind regards.

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    • A FANDOM user
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