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    19:37, February 27, 2018

    why you're insisting on "user's userpage/name" on help user rights? I have always been taught that it's bad english.

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    • ??

      the word "name" is somewhat ambiguous as it could refer to the person's real life identity. Usage of "Username" refers to the name of the account. Hope that  helps.

      and what "bad english"?

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    • Perhaps it's grammatically correct, but to repeat too many times the same word (in this case user) within a relatively short sentence indicates bad writing. I mean, a help page does not need to be a candidate to a nobel prize for literature, but it should read with a modicum of ease. "User's userpage" is heavier to read than "User's page" or "userpage". Also, in the context, there's little doubt that "User's page" and "userpage" are the same.

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    • That is not an indication for "bad english". It does not sound correct.

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    • OK. A difference in opinion and neither is willing to back down, looks like.

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