• I saw your response to my adoption request. Thanks for responding. I wanted to say that the wiki I was banned on (Minecraft Creepypasta Wikia) was falsely given out to me, I was given it because one moderator caused drama over almost every mistake I made there.

    I have tried speaking to the admins, and they will not lift it because they have sadly been.. How do i say it nicely... Brainwashed... Well i don't know the polite word for it...

    And my ban on Pickaxepedia was given out to me by the founder, who was the same person who caused drama over my mistakes. He usually gives weird ban reasons like 'Potato' etc.

    My ban on ExplodingTNT wiki was by one of the bureaucrats on Minecraft Creepypasta Wikia, who has admin permissions on the TNT wiki, and accused me of stalking him.

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    • I see your point. Staff usually don't grant admin rights if the user was blocked on another project, but they might decide to make an exception in this case...

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