• Here are the release notes for FANDOM's code release scheduled for February 1, 2018:

    • NOTABLE: We will update the Maps extension to version 5.2.0 (from 3.5.0). Key changes include:
      • Wikis with Semantic Maps extension enabled will now have those semantic-specific features supported natively in Maps (Semantic Maps will be removed in coming weeks).
      • Cluster property support added for Google Maps.
      • Rotate control support added for Google Maps.
      • Layer namespace will no longer be in use.
      • Leaflet will now have layer support.
      • Image overlays used in #display_map now support geocoding for their locations
      • Full release notes can be read here
    • NOTABLE: We will disable the classic rich text editor in Edge, to work around some significant issues exhibited in that browser. (Source mode will still be available.)
    • BUGFIX: We will fix an issue where the classic rich text editor would incorrectly remove <br style="clear:both;"/> from articles.

    UPDATE: Unfortunately, today's release was cancelled due to some late-breaking problems - the Maps update will go live on Monday instead. However, we are still looking into releasing various classic rich text editor fixes before the weekend.

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