• Hi, Tim. I'm the girl behind the former Ktommy, KristenT, KristensBack, KT4Eva, KristenDeFanGirl, Ktommy1996, Ktommy96, Knownothingknowitall (A.K.A. Alllovingheroine), IftheresonethingIlikebetterthanmoneyitsrevenge (A.K.A. Loveismorepowerfulthandeathandfear), Disneyphobia (A.K.A. Disneyphilia), KtommyResurrected (A.K.A. Ktommy3), Jazmine & Gypsy, Iwannahavefriendsagain, GoddessofForgiveness, GoddessofForgivenessandCompassion, Ktommy3000, Tommykristen, and GrandChawheetowinplasma. I did create accounts by the names of CloneofCarrieWhite, CloneofPrincessAnna, TheNewandImprovedKtommy, and NoMoreSockpuppetsEver, but after sixteen seconds, I had to close them down too. I just apologized to Anythingspossibleforapossible and DJ MC CJ for trolling them last year, but why will they not accept my apology and forgive me for once in their lives? Forgiveness is a serious virtue, you know.

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