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    17:05, August 13, 2018

    Hey Jack! I’ve seen you on the PvZ wiki, and just noticed that you are kinda sorta helping out with the Candy Crush wiki too.

    You have been monitoring recent wiki activity a lot, and I really wanted to commend you and thank you so much for keeping up and maintaining vandalism when the admins aren’t around. If you’re interested in rollback rights so that it would be easier to catch trolls, I’d be happy to hand it to you. Just ping me here :)

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    • Ah, no problem. Glad to help. :)

      I guess I could have rollback rights if that's alright. It does flood the recent wiki activity less. :P

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    • Of course :). Just promoted you. Let me know if there are any concerns. Sometimes there can be misunderstandings between me and the other admins because I have very controversial ways to deal with things.

      Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you wealth, happiness, and success, and most importantly, health.

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    • Wow, thanks and if there is a concern over my promotion, I will be sure to let you know although if I do have to be demoted, I will allow it.

      Thanks, I hope the same to you. :D

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