• Hi Fngplg,

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but you've helped me out a couple of times recently with some questions I've had. Several weeks ago I asked if it was possible to do this on wikia. You provided an example of it being possible with the Triggerimage template on ru borderlands wikia.

    With your permission, would I be allowed to use that template and code on my wikia? I have been messing around with it and while I haven't got it working exactly like how I wanted it, I think it is what I need. If I am allowed to use it, could you provide details on if it's possible to change the positioning of the hover image? Currently the hover image appears beneath the first image, but I need to be able to freely change position.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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    • u may use the template as u want. positions on images has some limitations due of nature of css: images always follows their triggers (trigger1 - image1, trigger2 - image2...), so u can't just move it where u want. u still can use float:right on triggers (.trigger-image-trigger) to get this or clear:both to get this.

      there are some more options in css u can use to set positions. i'd suggest to read css guides.

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    • Hey, thanks for letting me use it! It's a shame that limitations prevent the hover image from being freely moved around, but that's a good idea, to have a look at some CSS guides. I'll try and work with what I haveĀ :)


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