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    17:06, August 13, 2018

    So when I came to Spongebob chat this morning I got banned by the chat mod TheKorraFanatic. He claims I’m a sock but I don’t think he has any evidence for this other than he blocked me on his personal wiki last week, for the same reason. As far as I know I never did anything wrong here or on his wiki so can someone please review my ban?

    Now just when I was about to post this on the Forum there I got blocked by you, I also believe this is unfair because you are content mod on TheKorraFanatic’s wiki and again I’ll bet you have no evidence for me being a sock. You just blocked me because he asked you to, isn’t that right?

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    • Fair chat ban and block because the name is suspicious and Korra would never lie about this stuff. Unfortunately, you are not going to be unblocked.

      Also, which wiki of Korra's do you mean?

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