• Hi, My son is 10 years-old and is currently thoroughly enjoying editing your posts. If the information is accurate, why does it matter if it's directly from He has watched almost all of the episodes and read all of the books. How is it best for him to continue editing the posts without every single one of them being deleted? He works hard on doing this and it's discouraging for all of his work to be continually deleted without giving him a chance. If you prefer he doesn't edit any additional posts, please just let us know. ┬áHe will still love printing and using other pages throughout the wiki. Thanks, Noah's mom

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    • Firstly, I want to start off by saying I'm very happy he's enjoying the Wiki. A lot of hard work has gone into it by so many people, and even if just helps out one Bakugan fan, then it's worth it.

      The purpose of the Wiki is to be a complete encyclopedia about all things Bakugan, similar to Wikipedia. Also, like Wikipedia, we have specific page formats and styles that we follow to make the Wiki the best it can be. Without these, the Wiki would be much less readable, information would be scattered all over the place, pages would be in different languages, etc. One of the things you brought up was the section that was copy and pasted from This is a section that is consistent across all the Bakugan pages, as well as it being in a section alongside descriptions from the physical Bakugan encyclopedias. The complete section gives readers an easy way to quickly see the different ways how SpinMaster, the owner of the rights of Bakugan, defines a specific Bakugan. A lot of the thought process behind article formats is how to make them easy for the readers to find any sort of info they might want, and this keeps them clean and easy to read at a glance.

      A Wiki is more like a communal project than a fan site. With this perspective, we try to be the best we can be, and it also means we expect some from our editors. This is mostly a decent grasp on English spelling and grammar, and being able to learn and follow formats we have on our Wiki. I appreciate his eagerness to help, and if he's willing to learn and ask questions, I'd be happy to answer them, I just want to ask that he be willing to ask.

      Also, just so you are aware, Wikia's terms of service, in compliance with COPPA, states you must be 13 to have a Wikia account. I and the Bakugan Wiki don't really care what age you are as long as you aren't disruptive, but there are some places that will ban you for being underage, so it might be best not to advertise that freely.

      I hope this answered any questions you might have, and didn't come across as being too brash or rude. This Wiki is something I've put a lot of my time into, and I'm happy to hear your son is getting a lot out of it. If you have any further questions, feel free to follow up on the thread with them.

      - Cheers, Abce2|Talk Contributions 06:47, December 28, 2017 (UTC)

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