• Here are the release notes for FANDOM's code release scheduled for November 30, 2017:

    • NOTABLE: We have made changes to how ResourceLoader CSS & JS file URLs are served, removing the explicit reference to the wiki's full URL. This means that if the HTTPS protocol was being used, it would load those files using HTTPS. (Normal wiki browsing in HTTP will continue to load those files in HTTP until further migration is done later).
    • BUGFIX: We will fix an issue that could cause Special:ListRedirects to be empty on some wikis.
    • BUGFIX: We recently fixed an issue that prevented 'rollback' on edits from working as intended. This fix is already live.
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    • Thanks for the Rollback fix. I actually thought that it was related to some broken JS on my wiki. As it was not affecting other wikis.

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    • An additional fix that went live today: ListUsers was failing to list some editors, and this has now been fixed.

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    • Note: We've no specific notes for the release next Monday (December 4), so there won't be a new post today. We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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