• Hi, we're having a problem on our wiki after a recent wikia update. On articles such as this,, in the infobox, it lists StarClan Resident on two lines, when it should be on one. How do we fix that?

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    • I can fix that up for you. I was the Vanguard assigned to that Wikia, thanks for actually telling someone about it!

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    • Should be fixed now, just wait for the cache to clear & you should be able to see the fix.

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    • Hey, we're still having issues with our infoboxes. While the ranks display correctly, we have family sections that are still a bit skewed.

      this and this (second one is from when I played around with something and undid it) are on Goldenflower's page, for example. They don't display properly. We've been having this issue for years, and while the amount of family members probably doesn't help...there isn't much else we can do and it's not like we can omit certain characters.

      We've tried to redo the infoboxes before, but none of us really have the coding skills necessary to properly redo it without messing things up...and my knowledge is about six years outdated and doesn't help much anymore.

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    • Hey there. I assume this is what you are attempting to do?
      The problem is not really the Portable Infobox, but the odd way the original creators of this Infobox designed it to work. Rather than make a bunch of individual fields that separate nicely, they tried to condense everything into one field & so the infobox has difficulty with spacing.

      There is a solution however. Check out what I did here & see if that is not satisfactory. If you like the way that works, then I would suggest converting to that format on any pages where you have this issue, since that will solve your problem in a fashion that falls under best practices, & you will benefit from doing it this way down the road.
      Another, more thorough & labor-intensive solution would be to standardize these fields completely & make a new field in the infobox for each kind of label, but seeing as the Infobox is used on a thousand pages there is no way I could account for all of them. That would have to be done on your part, although I could certainly help with implementation.
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    • Also, in case you were unaware, I did leave quite a few messages on your talk page @SnowedLightning. I’m more than happy to help you on Warriors Wiki itself if that’s more convenient, rather than do this on Kopcap’s wall :P

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    • Personally, I like the idea that you proposed. I'll nudge Appledash if she doesn't see these messages and see what she has to say about it. When the infoxboxes were originally created, there were far less characters, ranks, ect, that needed to be mentioned.

      Can the entire infobox be done in that manner as well? Such as the livebooks/deadbooks section, mentor/apprentices, ect? I love how much cleaner it looks, and this would solve so many of our problems. o.o

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    • Yes of course they can be. If you just point me toward any of the Infoboxes you want to add fields to, & what you want the labels for those fields to say, I can make them for you in a pinch. It’s usually best to actually define the label though, rather than having users input the label value.

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