• Here are the release notes for FANDOM's code release scheduled for November 16, 2017:

    • BUGFIX: We recently fixed an issue that was causing some wiki creations to fail to properly complete.
    • BUGFIX: We recently fixed an issue that was preventing page view statistics from appearing in Special:AdminDashboard, and we are looking at whether the stats for Nov 12 and 13 can be restored.
    • BUGFIX: We will fix an issue where wiki creators would not received the 'Founder' badge when Achievements was enabled on a wiki.
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    • I thought Achievements was deprecated 🤔

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    • Ursuul wrote:
      I thought Achievements was deprecated 🤔

      But they fixed that anyways.  -_-

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    • I thought part of the issue was that they changed the default from on to off. That, combined with the fact that badges cannot be awarded retroactively, meant that the wiki creator missed the trigger to get the badge. I could be wrong but that was my impression of what the issue was.

      Does this mean there will be further improvements to Achievements or am I being to optimistic?

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    • The achievements fix is mostly a side effect of another fix (one that wasn't user-facing) - it shouldn't be taken as implying significant work is coming, sorry. However, it's still nice to get it sorted!

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    • That makes more sense with what I have heard in the past.

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    • A FANDOM user
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