• Please, next time, tell me what to remove and don't just wipe it all off. I'm not here to spam or vandalize any wikis' and am only here to give it a little personality, could you let me do that? This was on the Motu Patlue Wiki, on the Motu page.

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    • fyi for the edit note on the Motu wiki, In my words exactly "if you want me to change anything please pm me or any other form of communication towards me. thank you! xoxoxo." Godamnit you couldve atleast deleted the more dippy dialogue, this is really upsetting.

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    • That wiki has been subjected to vandalism for a good while now, hence it being kept under close supervision. Your recent edits, while not all entirely bad--hence you not being blocked for vandalism--weren't entirely good either: you inserted a lot of irrelevancies and subjectivity into the article, as well as some swearing, which is the reason why your edits were removed. I do apologize if it upset you, that was not the intention.

      Additionally, you're always welcome to ask for an explanation for any of my actions, and I will answer you. However, it would be nice if you could refrain from name calling and referring to me as an "entitled schmuck".

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