• Hello!, Mr. Barbar, My name is HeroALTAIR2 and I'm a simple user from the spanish pokemon wiki, I want to make you a question in name from all my community: Was the user "Marcelo Adrian" (Maybe he had another name, something like MP444L or something like that, in any case, he has an Growlithe as profile picture) the one who noticed you from the things that were happening in the japanese pokemon go wiki?

    I'll wait for your answer and first of all, thanks

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    • Yes he was, why you want to know this?

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    • Because of nothing special, we just wondered how did you noticed from that problem, because, as you will know already, the spanish users had already a long time posting in the japanese pokemon go wiki without getting any kind of punishment nor reprisal by part from FANDOM,Thank you so much by your atention!.

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    • Oh okay. This is what you meant. I misunderstood you.

      An other global discussions moderator told me that there is much spam in the japanese pokémon go wiki and he already deleted many posts. So I became aware of the wiki and the problem.

      You guys were also active in the German pokémon wiki where I'm an admin. Due to that it wasn't a big surprise for me to see spanisch posts in the wrong place.

      Regards Barbar

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    • A FANDOM user
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