• Hello Tono. How have you been?

    Do you remember me? I'm LaVey from the Castlevania Wiki. You recently helped us by updating all of our infoboxes to be portable-friendly. There seems to be a problem, though; all infoboxes that use tabs are not displaying correctly now. Please take a look at the following pages:

    If you notice, the titles (left part) are missing, only the data (right part) is being displayed.

    I think I heard at one point that using tabs on infoboxes was planned to not be supported anymore, although I could be wrong. In any case, I don't think that's the problem (at least not for now), as we also use a few tabbed infoboxes in another wiki I also administer and they display without any issues (see here).

    Think you could give our updated infoboxes one last check and see if you can fix them, please?

    Description - 01

    The item's description displays as a quote.

    On another note, we've been having trouble with one of our templates in the Dark Souls Wiki. The {{Description}} template is also displaying incorrectly on mobile devices. This template is intended to show up to four paragraphs of in-game information, but for some unknown reason on mobiles it displays as a "quote" template. It only displays the first two paragraphs, showing the first one as a dialogue and the second one as the person who said that dialogue.

    When the FANDOM staff updated our infoboxes, they didn't offer us to update that template, and none of us even knows where to start in order to fix it.

    Would you be so kind as to check it out too, please?

    Thank you in advance and for all the help you've given us!

    Have a nice day.

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    • Hey! I'm good and I hope you are too. Yes, I remember who you are. I can help you out with the tabs on the infoboxes no problem. It is weird that they aren't showing up like they should be. I'll have to check it out to be sure what the problem is though.

      I'll also check out the other template and see if I can figure it out.

      You should know, however, that I currently have no acces to my computer. I'm on a trip, so I'll be away from home until Monday/Tuesday, so I'd fix them by then, is that all right?

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    • Of course, and thank you for your quick reply.

      Good luck on your trip!

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    • Oh, another thing I just noticed is that if we use tabbed images inside an infobox, their "caption" does not display (example 1 and 2), not to mention that ugly brownish hue that appears all around.

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    • Okay the first problem you mentioned: I had never actually seen any community use tabbers like this before. How did it look before? I could try to replicate it.

      Second problem: I changed the template type from "quote" to "data". Hopefully this fixes the problem.

      Third: I'm not really sure if captions can show up when a tabber is used. If they can't, I could try to work something out. What did the the tabbers look like before the ugly brown thing? Would it be okay if they were just transparent and the selected image is bold?

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    • 1. We use tabs like those when it's not necessary to display different info between an item that just takes different forms. Take for example this infobox in the Dark Souls Wiki, where only the armor set is different depending on the character's gender while all other stats remain the same.

      2. Thank you! I was unaware that by just changing a template's type could actually affect how they display on different devices (even more since adding types was somewhat recently implemented).

      3. That would be great, thank you! As for how the infobox looked without the brown hue, they looked like this. Actually, we also have this issue in the other wiki (see here), which only happens with images with a transparent background.

      Again, thanks for everything!

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    • Sorry for taking so long, I was occupied all weekend and didn't have time to get to any of this and I was too busy during the week. Everything should be fixed now, however.

      Let me know if you find any more problems and good afternoon!

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    • Looks great, everything seems to be working as desired. Thank you very much for taking the time to fix these issues, I'll be sure to keep you posted in case something else shows up.

      Have a nice day!

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    • Awesome! You too!

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    • Comparison

      Comparison between normal and tabbed infobox.

      Oh, I've just noticed, now the titles don't appear on tabbed infoboxes. Could you fix this too, please?

      No captions

      Captions below the image are not displaying.

      And captions are not showing in infoboxes with tabbed images.

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    • Infobox Location - 01

      Another thing I've just noticed, both the Infobox Location and Infobox Episode templates now display both the "◄ Previous" and "Next ►" titles on the left side.

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    • Infobox Location - 02

      Also on the Infobox Location template, if the "gallery" option is used, it displays in a rather odd fashion. I tried to fix this and replicate how the code is used on the GenericEnemy Infobox, where it doesn't seem to display any errors, but to no avail.

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    • Broken tabs - 01

      This issue surfaced since last Tuesday (Sept. 19). Tabbed infoboxes are not working anymore. At first, I actually though it was your doing while trying to fix the templates.

      Now they display two rows of tabs but with no functionality whatsoever.

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    • Man, it's weird that when they seem to be working again, another problem shows up. I'm actually not as active as I'd like to be due to some personal issues. I've barely had the time to come on here, so I apologize for taking so long. I will help you though.

      Have a nice day!

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    • We really appreciate all the time you have given to our wiki and please don't feel pressured by all of this. We all have our own priorities in life and I hope you can solve all personal issues you have as soon as possible.

      Back on topic, all of my previous posts before the last one have been issues that were there since day one but I just hadn't noticed them before, so I started to list them as I kept identifying them. The only one that was recent, was the one with the two tab rows I mention on my last post, which started since last Tuesday.

      Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

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    • Any news yet? Our main concern are the tabbed infoboxes that display two, non-working tab rows (see last picture). If this code is no longer supported, I was thinking that perhaps you could suggest another method to achieve a similar result.

      However, I can confirm the code does work, as I've used it multiple times in other wikis and all infoboxes display without problems. See this page for example, that's how it's supposed to work.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you have news soon.

      UPDATE: Digging a bit more into it, it seems that what's being buggy is only the <tabber> function, as I also encountered another page on our wiki that uses it for a different thing, and the same error takes place.

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    • Sorry for taking so long. Are you around right now? What's currently the problem?

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    • Yeah, I'm here. The tabber tag ended up with a bug, as seen in the pictures above, and we still have all those other issues I have been lisiting on the previous posts.

      Also, if you visit the Princess of Moss page, you'll notice that apart of the two main issues (two rows of tabs, and non-functional tabs), the article's text now invades the infobox' area.

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    • I'm guessing that's probably due to the tabber bug. You'll have to contact FANDOM for that though.

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    • I followed your advise and contacted FANDOM yesterday, although I haven't received a reply so far.

      Still, perhaps you can still modify both the Infobox Location and Infobox Episode templates so they display the "◄ Previous" and "Next ►" titles properly on the same row (see here).

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    • A FANDOM user
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