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    MultikickMultikickPMMultikickAFKClear*4:55Meadowleafuh I'm adorable when I eat cake

    • 4:55Chase McFlyAnything else?
    • 4:55Meadowleafnot that I can reacall
    • 4:56Chase McFlyHmm..
    • 4:56Meadowleafwhy do you ask?
    • 4:56Chase McFlyJust making a hypothesos
    • Was Scar really trying to dat eyou?
    • 4:56Meadowleafno
    • 4:57Chase McFlyLook at this Meadow
    • User:Scarlet Outlaw
    • I shis ban reason incorrect
    • 4:58Meadowleafyes because he didn't do anything
    • 4:58Chase McFlyWould you say that's a falsehood?
    • Ok
    • Thank you for the talk Meadow
    • 5:14Meadowleafdid you unblock scar?
    • 5:15Chase McFlyNot yet
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