• Hi Aphrodite. The widget seems to be working correctly on this page. If you have any questions about this script, you should ask them on the script's talk page.

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    • I know that widget(?) seems to be working on that page on the wiki I'm an admin of. But that is the Discord chat of Community Wikia's. I wished to have one for my wiki instead.

      I read through the instructions on how to enable Discord on Dev wikia, I did all that's written but until the "Configuration" section, I can't seem to do what's written in that section.

      It says I must go to this "Widget" section and these images shown on starting Discord, I have never seen them before nor do I know how and where to find it. [1] [2]

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    • I have no experience with Discord, so I can't help directly. You could ask for help from the author of the DiscordIntegrator script by leaving a message on KockaAdmiralac's talk page. Also, you could ask for help by creating a new thread on the Getting Technical forum here at Community Central.

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    • The screenshots have changed since I last updated them.

      1. You should see something like this on the top of the channel list of your server. Click on the server's name.
      2. You should then see something like this. Click on the "Server Settings" option to enter your server settings.
      3. In the sidebar of your server settings there should be something like this. Click on the "Widget" option.
      4. In that section should be something like this. "Enable Server Widget" must be turned on to enable the widget. If you want people to be able to join your server through the widget, you should also select a channel in the "Instant Invite Channel" dropdown. ID of your server is in the green box and you should be supplying it to the DiscordIntegrator template.
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