• Hey there!  I'm having an issue on the GoT wiki, and I'm hoping you can resolve it.  One of the admins there, The Dragon Demands, banned me from the wiki permenantly over a post they disagreed with, under the false tag of intimidating behavior or harassment.  Obviously this wasn't the case, and I'd like to be unbanned so I can contribute to the wiki I love.  I'm not looking to start any conflict with mods or any other users, and will stay away from any potentially touchy subjects in the future to avoid unwanted issues.  The details are as follows:

    The block was made by The Dragon Demands.

    Reason given: Intimidating behaviour/harassment

    Start of block: 22:52, June 6, 2017

    Expiry of block: infinite

    Intended blockee: Sprice5531

    Block ID: #3068

    Current IP address:

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    • I can't override Dragon. He is a bureaucrat, which means he outranks me.

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    • Is there another admin that can?  If so, I'd like to bring the issue to them.  If they say no that's their choice of course, but I'd like to make my case.

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    • I'm afraid you'll have to try another avenue to make your case. He pretty much outranks everybody on the GoT wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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