• The Watch Dogs Wiki's completely messed up from this new design. The top panel covers the article titles and people's user pages are messed up. Also, there's no Edit button! I haven't noticed this on any other wiki so far, just that one. I'm admin there, and someone is going to have to fix it, fast. It's a major issue.

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    • It's not a bug of the new design.

      In your css you have this parameter set:

      .WikiaPage .WikiaPageContentWrapper {

      top: -9em;


      Just delete it to bring it back to normal.

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    • I don't see that in the CSS.

      EDIT: I've found it. Lemme see if this works.

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    • I removed the broken customization from your wiki, the article header should now be visible again.

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    • It appears someone else has done it for me, just as I was about to publish my edit. It works now, thanks.

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    • TOR

      Thanks for jumping on this, OPelle and TK! Much appreciated.

      Chris6d -- sorry this didn't play well with your custom changes. Glad you brought that up quickly. :) Let us know if there's anything else you'd like help with.

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    • A FANDOM user
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