• Hi. My apologies for interrupting this evening, but I'm afraid the problem user Dylan D. Geltzeiler/Thehedgehog7, under his now currently banned account "Ddg13", is still harassing me here on Community Central wiki & throwing childish tantrums, especially over the fictional monster Ramarak/Alpha Skullcrawler from the movie "Kong: Skull Island" whose page is removed from Villains Wiki with the reason that it is significantly different from the rest of its species & has been now merged into the Skullcrawlers article, & I don't want him keep disturbing me anymore. Would you please permanently disable & ban Dylan D. Geltzeiler immediately? Thank you & have a pleasant week.

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    • Hello B1bl1kal!

      Unfortunately, I am not able to do this because I do not have the tools nor rights at the time. If you're dealing with harassment, I suggest you contacting staff (which, from my understanding, you've already done before). If they haven't responded, it is best to submit another request or reply to the first one. If they have responded, please read the reply and act accordingly.

      Just to help you out, one of the best practices to handling harassment is to NOT interact with the user. This shows the user that you are being aggravated by them (making them want to continue) and this also gives them a reason to respond back to your message. By not interacting with the user, the user then see's that his/her attempts to bother you are failing and will be much more likely not to bother you.

      If you need any additional help, please let me know! Have a great week!

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    • Thank you!

      Actually the urgent request thing was the first thing to take care of before leaving you the particular email regarding this situation immediately. Divide & conquer, right?

      Again, thank you Algorithmz & have a great week too! :-)

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    • Glad to be of your assistance!

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    • A FANDOM user
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