• Sorry- just need a bit of help. On the Spotlight Request page it says the wiki must have a pesonalized skin. I don't know what this means. Please could you tell me what one is and if my wiki has one. Here is my link:

    Thanks so much!

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    • Hey Martingloamg,

      A customized skin is the theme of your wiki that is not one of the default options. Right now, I wouldn't consider the theme that you have "customized", but there is a way that you can customize your theme.

      1. Go to your theme designer (open this link in a new tab so you can refer back to this message).
      2. Click "Customize"
        1. There, you will be able to change your background and page format settings. Change these to whatever you'd like.
      3. After changing the "Customize" settings, then click "Wordmark"
        1. There, find/create/edit a 250 × 65 image that best suites the topic and upload the file under Graphic Watermark.
      4. Lastly, look below the Theme Designer tool to see what it will look like before it gets published. If you like it and it is comfortable to your eyes, then you can go ahead and publish it.

      Tip: It would be best to incorporate some of the distinctive artwork from the series into the background and make the color scheme more unique.

      If you need any assistance with anything, please notify me! :D

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    • Thanks so much Algorithmz 

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    • You're welcome! If you need any additional help, contact me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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