• I have read the Help page about Feeds. But it doesn't resolve the issue.

    On Gaiapedia's main page I had a RSS link to the Gaia Online's announcement postings (the forum). It was fairly recently that the site updated the forum resulting in a RSS break. And now I can't get it to work again.

    Posting a link between the code results in the following message: No feeds found on

    Does a website have to give permission for this?

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    • It's not really a matter of permission, since an RSS feed's purpose requires it to be publicly accessible. In this case it just looks like they don't have an RSS feed anymore that you could connect to. You'll have to ask them if they intend to make it accessible again at some point. If not, you'll have to update your "feed" manually or do without it.

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    • Okay, thank you for replying.

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