• I would like you to know why you felt the need to block me from the Mass Effect Wiki for two weeks? 

    It is true that you undid my edit several times but you never once gave a reason why or I didn't see a reason give. I didn't know you was a admain. It is true that you're a admin but that doesn't mean you should get away with abusing your power.

    You should had contact me or message me on my talk page, never you did. I also noticed you had done this before last year, Jan 2016.

    So please, explaining to me why you felt the need to block me? and removed my edits.

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    • you got this the other way round. YOU should've explained from the start why you think the edit should be kept, not me, as YOU wanted the article changed, not me.

      as to the issue at hand however, that isn't a trivia item and isn't allowed in the first place. it belongs to the article proper once the relationship has been properly mapped out.

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    • Why isn't it allowed in the first place? It is not trivia until it can be moved into the proper section within the article?

      I also noticed that you didn't address why you felt the need to block me or why you didn't try to contact me and explaining this to me before blocking me?

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    • A FANDOM user
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