• Hi man. It's been a hamper on me that I can't talk to anyone anymore but at least I can contact you. How ya doing?

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    • Been gr8 m8. But yeah, it's a shame you got booted. Couldn't you just make an alt though?

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    • I could but I'm not sure if I want to potentially damage my relations with the Monster Girl Wiki itself even further. I'm still kind of angry over the reason why I got the hammer but I've been doing fine. How are things on the Wiki?

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    • Pretty good. We got some new Mamono, I've written a little bit more WWYDs for a change, reptile is still trying to make me seafood, etc. How's your life?

      Also, why did you get the hammer?

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    • I went to bed and now I'm going to work. Give me some time to respond.

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    • My life is a mess. I guess you aren't asking to hear my problems but I'm gonna do it anyway. I have been stressed out and depressed for the last 2 years. Things I used to enjoy doing don't do that much for me. I always feel unmotivated and just plain sad. I fight myself over the thought of actually leaving my bed in the morning and going to work with no end goal in place. I struggle financially and I haven't been getting sleep either. I feel empty. It's like being a teenager again except somewhat less edgy. Also, i've noticed very small yet semi-visible amounts of blood in my semen so yeah...I have to get that checked out as well. I may hematospermia.  Now that that's over here's the reason I've been banned from what I could gather and after talking to Jekkers via Twitter. Know that this is from my eyes so it may not be all accurate. I have a foggy memory. Also, i'm going to cover the comments on a thread regarding my ban and just let out my thoughts.

      One day I was bored and I was using the Discord server for MGE. My name on Discord is Bazaar by the way but I changed it to Mr. Crusader. This was around the time I was switching through Nazi and Soviet Union profiles. I began posting in off topic and SFW pics Nazi stuff like pics of Hitler, anti-semitic propaganda, gas camps all that good stuff. After a while, I started putting little swastikas at the end of my messages in general. It was fun for a while and took away my boredom. I went to bed and I don't know how many days after it was but I soon realized I was banned from the Discord chat. I talked to a guy called Shinoa and he told me I was banned for "Nazi shit". I don't recall getting a warning though I do remember getting one strike from Carthois even earlier. I went to bed and woke up in the morning. I looked at my message wall and posted a comment. This was the message from you. Floddy man replied to it and I replied back. I came back after work and saw that I've been banned on the MGE Wiki as well. I was pretty pissed at first but I calmed myself down. I was still on the Wiki this entire time, though. I saw one thread concerning my ban. I also saw your message on my wall and I just want to say thank you. I really mean it. I then contacted Jekkers and he cleared some stuff up for me. 


      Still going to talk to him though to see if I can repeal my ban though that's quite unlikely. If it doesn't happen...I will miss you and everyone else who may be reading this. On the MGE Wiki itself, I engaged in a conversation with Hellspawn that involved a lot of sweet sweet Communism. Probably not involved but it could be. Now onto the thread concerning my ban. This is it here.  


      It sucks indeed.


      The whole ordeal I assume is partially on the MGE Wiki itself. From what I see it didn't involve anything else. I didn't mess with the pics there.


      Now, this guy...this guy...this is of no concern to the whole ban thing but I got a couple of things to ahem…”discuss” with him.


      As far as i've observed i've gotten no warning. Maybe the whole “strike” thing counts but then we have this.


      So yeah. I've gotten a permanent ban. I don't recall receiving a verbal warning or actually any warning at all but that doesn't really matter now does it? The only things I can do now is attempt to repeal said ban. Wish me luck. Now that's done I hope that was cleared up for you Spy. Have I done well?

      P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pics. Had to do the whole Gyazo, screenshot, save the images, upload thing.

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    • Thanks for clearing that up. And dude, from a friend to a friend, try consulting a therapist about your depression. I'm seriously worried about you, man... I've known you for a while and I really don't want to see you sad.

      If you don't want a therapist, try maby some close IRL friends or family members. Also, about your financial troubles... I don't have any experience (yet) with bills and stuff... I will in a few years but right now I would just suggest asking family for assistance.

      That blood in the semen thing....uhh.... talk to your doctor.

      Anyway, I really do wish you luck. God's speed, inches.

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