• Hi Reguyla,

    I have seen your discussions with Ty and others. It's difficult to know what to say here, because it's all been said clearly (and politely) to you before.

    • IRC and Discord are not official, they are user-created spaces that may be popular, but are not controlled or moderated by Fandom staff.
    • It's not okay to use Community central as a venue to harass IRC and Discord admins about your ban (or anything else)
    • The moderators of the IRC and Discord channels have clearly said that they will not remove your ban at this time, that conversation is over.

    I'm not going to argue about who influenced what and so on, because I see that anything I say will not change your views. So instead I will be practical here and talk about what's needed from you.

    • Please do not use Fandom to continue to contact IRC/Discord moderators (or anyone else) about your bans.
    • Please do not break in to other threads to divert the topic to your bans
    • Please do not create new threads about your bans.
    • Please move on from this, and focus on your other interests.

    Thank you.

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    • Thank you for the post.

      Look I don't know you and this is going to sound pretty bad because frankly I am pissed and don't care.

      If you or the other staff members actually cared about fixing this situation you would address the mods or at the very least help mediate the dispute between the 2 parties. Instead, here we are, with you threatening the victim without even bothering to ask me for my side of the story first. So needless to say I am unimpressed.

      If you and the other Wikia staff cared about keeping editors/admins like me you would do something about the unacceptable Community central mods bullying and harassing community members. But you don't and instead you come here and blame the victim, an editor in good standing in the site because that is easier than dealing with the mods. Its funny how no one at Wikia can do anything to help until it comes time for you to defend a mod or support them in bullying a community member out of Wikia.

      Don't worry about me commenting here or editing Wikia (the new Fandom name is childish and stupid BTW) for that matter anymore. Based on your response as a Wikia staff member I can clearly see that my efforts as a community member in good standing and admin/editor on multiple wikis with hundreds of thousands of edits are of no importance to anyone.

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    • PS, this should never have even devolved to this point but unfortunately you have Wikia mods who are doing favors for their friends on other wikis that don't like me and have asked me to be blocked here. So you will excuse me if I am less than thrilled about having a Wikia staff member come here and threaten me with blocks or sanctions when you are not willing to even consider that there are issues with your moderation team and their association to AlexZ from the WMF.

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    • I reviewed threads on CC about this before leaving my message. I don't look at incidents on IRC/Discord because they are not part of Fandom.

      As I said, I can see from your posts that it's not going to be useful to try to discuss your perception of events, so I am focused only on your actions on this wiki.

      As those actions have continued to be problematic (logged out and logged in) I will be blocking you from this wiki. Please do not carry this issue over on to other wikis.

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    • A FANDOM user
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