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    16:31, January 1, 2017

    Happy New Years! I hope in this new year my baseless bans on the Wikia IRC and Discord channels are removed.

    These bans are currently a black mark on my record here based on a request from a bully and serial troll from the WMF projects.

    As a contributor in good standing on these projects it amounts to spitting in my face and I will not participate in editing the Wikia projects as long as they are in place.

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    • Happy new year.

      I feel our previous discussion of this is conclusive and the ban will not be reconsidered.

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    • Of course it won't be. I didn't expect it too since it was done in as a bullying tactic and as a favor to a friend of some of the mods, AlexZ, from the WMF projects. Of course I do not expect you to admit that. That would be stupid, but it is what happened and as a contributor in good standing on Wikia I should not have been banned from the Wikia IRC or Discord channels. A block perhaps may have been valid and I could have lived with that, but a ban is ridiculous and is precisely why I know that this ban is personal and not due to conduct. And yes I am pissed off about it because it's nothing but harassment and bullying and it cost Wikia a major contributor because you and you're friends would rather do favors for friends than to operate the IRC and Discord channels in a responsible way.

      I devoted a lot of time to editing here, especially to the Military wiki, but also a lot of others. I still care about that project and about improving Wikia, but if the mods here have friends that don't like me and are willing to play the favoritism card, then that is a problem with the conduct of the mods and if Wikia and the other mods aren't willing to do anything, then that lack of action should cost the site editors. If I am not welcome on the Wikia IRC and Discord channels where a lot of discussion about Wikia policy, changes and help are available and discussed, then I am not wanted as an editor either.

      I sincerely hope someone unbans me so I can resume editing on Wikia but I doubt that will happen since editors, even those who do tens of thousands of edits a month, aren't as desired as an admin/mod who does very few edits but controls the communications channels for the entire Wikia community.

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    • I have addressed every point you've made in my previous posts. Put simply, your assumptions are false. As you can't let thes assumptions go, I don't believe repeating what i've said is a good use of my time. You may read what I've previously said about the matter

      To put it simply, this case is closed. You will not be unbanned and so repeated asking about it will lead you nowhere. Please do not contact me about this again.

      Thank you.

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