• Hi fandom community

    There is a user called BrentHarvanator he is been chasing for a very long time, this started on the Dragon System Wiki since then he is causing trouble is causing troubles everywhere I go. He threating me to delete my wikia, even nowing that he is gonna see my post, the situation is this.

    This user has been chasing me. I started to upload an image and just only wanted his approval until he started to insult me and I had enough, then he started to go to my wikia deleting photos and stuff all because it didn't had the "Quality" he desire and "grammar mistakes". He broked my rules and even insulted me so I had to block him because he came there thinking that my wikia was from him when it´s not and since then he threated me on deleting my wikia and even he used two IP's to pretend to be a wikia staff only to make me delete my wikia as seen here, but I catch the scheme.

    Then he created a wikia called Puro System Wiki only to mock me but I didn't care.

    I returned to the Dragon System Wiki and I asked him friendly to get me an image instead he insulted me, make me putting images for nothing and instead he get it as a whining and threated me with this threated me with this: 

    "Bad move, kiddos!:

    Hiya! Noticed i was falsely blocked, again, on the Puroresu System wikia by you. No doubt Dragonpuro123 is the reason why. The reason you've fabricated, "Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages" has been screen capped and documented as well as evidence that the block was a admin abuse.

    This message is to let you know that i will be reporting you, Dragonpuro123 or the Puroresu System to wikia staff. If this goes any further, i will be sending it in. Your stay here will also be bothersome, as i'll be intercepting all edits made by both of you. Consider it an unofficial ban.

    Instead, i am letting you know all content of your wikia will be copied over to a separate wikia, created by yours truly. It is only fair, since you stole most of my work. Expect the new wikia to be up by the end of the month. Except if i find either of you there, you'll be banned on sight, till 2099, as it is the date my ban is lifted over there.

    Happy Editing, kids!, just not here!

    BrentHarvanator (talk) 15:57, August 12, 2016 (UTC)

    First and foremost, your philosophy of "the world is not good quality the world is about finding and if there's no other photo that stay because that photo is rare" is a crock of shit. As a Web Designer, it's literally part of my job. So if i delete your low quality shit pictures, theres two things you can do; nothing and like it.

    Secondly, you've copied a majority of your content from MY hard work. So if i take one of the rare things you and your idiot friend make to here, consider that repayment or in wrestling terms "paying your dues, young boy."

    I'd also learn some basic English, it would help.

    Before you get any ideas:

    Once your bans over, and you do it again, i'll be filing another ban, which will possibly be longer. A nice DX chop is in order.

    Also, found a picture out Pac and Dragon Kid in high quality but i'll never post it on this wikia because of your whining. Just to let you know you'll never get it."


    So with that image I've freaked out I deleted his "Stolen" image gallery and he used that in his favor to block me then I decided to create an account to extrodinary cases. That account is called Usereditor12, then we had a talk and he pretended that we were on the same page only to "Use me" only to get admin and beaurecrat rights in an easy way in a adoption that I had no idea what he was talking about but everyone is gonna say that I agree when I didn't know what he was in fact talking about.

    I returned and I was blocked unfairly by him.

    I realized that he "Used Me" and I saw what he was talking about.

    When I saw that adoption I was furious because he made fake testments and lied to a wkia staff about me during that adoption he brain washed a staff called Merrystar saying this:

    "There is only one active member other than myself who is causing trouble by the username Team69Roll and has a sock puppet account known as Usereditor12 so the commenting process may not last very long or be come to positive response."

    Then after 1 day we talked but then I freaked out and I give him a wakeup call in his talk page saying:

    "You used me and don't try to denied it, bad luck on your shit wiki, on your shit templates and just one article that of mine is better than all of your wiki, your templates are such a crap that you dont know even how to make one, you can't create a article or a template on your own you need to copy from me like the Blood Warriors article you need to copy from me to only have the Blood Warrriors article and the templates are bad done like your infobox wrestler template and never message me again i will not respond and i am the real Almighty.

    P.S: Fuck You, fuck your mother and shove your shitty wiki up your ass you Loser."

    They get as aressment when its not. 

    Every time I ask for he chased me until sometime I was very emotional and I said that I was gonna hack him when it's not when it was only talk, when it came from my mouth.

    Then he blocked forever unfairly saying that I was blocked for "Intimidating behaviour/harassment, Threats of hacking causing a extended ban, foul mouth threats and contently lying to wikia staff, constant annoyance."

    Since then he continued to assult me until a VSTF user give him a wakeup call, and I even confronted him with this and said this:

    "God you're obnoxious. Still never used you, you signed off on adminship of your own free will. You're going to have to drop this eventually, your reports on me are going no where because i broke no rules and the stuff you're making up they're not buying into it. Just give it up, you're only further embarrassing yourself. You are rightfully banned and will never be admin." and this:

    "Obnoxious with justice" pssh. Just a delusional child who will not let the past stay dead."

    That's the real sitiuation, now that he has the rights of admin and bureaucrat on that wiki he is abusing of it and I need help.

    If there is an admin that wants to help I would be very thankful and grateful.


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    • Please take this to Staff instead, and provide as many links as you can.

      And if you want help before they can respond, here it is: Stop interacting with him. I've seen you both bickering back and forth on here and it's beyond old. Just stop. Just because he contacts you doesn't mean you should respond back to him.

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    • I've already contact the staff and even the fandom in the email they said to contact the staff and staff said to contact the fandom and I don't know what to do?

      Is VSTF wiki gonna help? 

      Any kind of help would be great.


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    • VSTF only deal with Spam and Vandalism. Not harassment. If he bothers you on a wiki, you can contact the local admins to deal with him.

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    • But I tried and they told me to contact the staff but the staff did nothing instead they said this: 

      "Thanks for contacting Fandom. So sorry that you're having this issue. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this user. In general, Fandom staff members don’t intervene in local user disputes."

      And this:

      "Have you tried contacting the admins of the community? They know the community, so they are in a much better position than me to be able to help you work this out."

      And I don't know what to do I've talked to Merrystar, Mira Laime, BertH and nothing.

      What should I do?

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    • Drop the lying bullshit, tell both sides of the story instead of your warped vision/Delusional 'give me sympathy' story and then go on with the rest of your day like a normal person. Glad I could be of assistance.

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    • Hi Roll, This is Trainer Micah i see your issue here & what you should do is contact your admin users of your wikis explain to them what's happening here give them link's & details of this user whois troubling you & doing whatever alright? So you notice & hope it helps If you need anything let me know on my wall on here okay, Kind regards  

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    • If there is anyone who can help I would be very grateful and thankful

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    • The message is upstairs.

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    • A FANDOM user
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