• Hey Ozank! Nice to meet you again.

    Remember when we talked a few months ago about the WHAM script? I was wondering when the script for discussion moderators is going to be ready. Sorry if this sounds like as if I am nagging you, but recently, I've had a few events that have happened on my home wiki requiring me and another discussion moderator, Ultramarine192, to enable the WHAM script. Could you please look into this?

    Thank you for your time. :)

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    • I'm not sure if it's possible for WHAM to work with discussion moderators, because they don't have access to the delete permission.

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    • They do have the blog-comments-delete and commentdelete rights, which allows them to delete blog and article comments.

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    • Okay well it seems that WHAM already loads for discussion moderators, note if you are using the old version it is none of my concern as I did not author/maintain that version.

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