• Hello! On a wikia, I've introduce an easy way to suggest a resize option for pictures, called INLINE. The idea is to give opportunity to others contributor, who pass after me on the same page to resize, every picture by an amount, in only one click. Per example when you don't know if the size suggestion you give for pictures inside a list of items would be critiqued, it may be better giving other's opportunity to easily modifies your work. There is an example on a page :

    Problem occur when I want to re-use this idea on an another wikia who doesn't have the required extension installed.

    Question is, : How could I declare a variable {{#var:name}}, as inside the body element of an HTML page, that I could reuse later on a page without <script> or the parser function extension?

    Per example, could someone help me correct this code plz?

    1. <div function.Myfunction(){var="pictureResize:250px;"}>Hello world</div>
    2. [[ file:14mypicture.png | {{#var:pictureResize}} ]]
    3. [[ file:34mypicture.png | {{#var:pictureResize}} ]]

    I would like to make this variable declaration work on this page :

    I was thinking about using a template, by I hope there is other's option too.

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    • You do know that almost all wikicode logic involves some form of parser function, right?

      I assume you mean using variables without adding any new parser functions. FYI, the variables extension is not technically a parser function.

      It would help for you to explain your bizarre restrictions that make it sound more like you don't know what you're talking about than helping getting an answer.

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    • It touches me that you cares you enough for me or the situation to laugh at it, however could you develop your idea? How would you do to obtain a result identical, or similar from one community into the others, using the links I've included?

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    • Ask Staff to enable that extension on your wiki, maybe? You could always use Lua, though.

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    • HTML5 and CSS3 have some function-esque properties but not to the extent you desire. It's not really possible to do without some JS/Lua.

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    • k thk

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    • A FANDOM user
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