• I know I'm not an editor anymore and I was wrong at what I said to you 2 years ago, but their are a few things that are bothering me for some pages.

    Blast from Timeranger the episode listed is wrong as he was from Episode 5.

    Armadilo Orpnenoch also appeared in Episode 16 of Faiz

    Kagawa Hideyuki actually first appeared in Friendship's Battle Kamen Rider Ryuki and he was also Kamen Rider Tiger.

    Tojo only poured gasoline in his car and not on Kitaoka's and Ren's vehicles and it's was to kill Asakura & not the others.

    Ryuki Episode 47 was a Christmas episode too.

    Sorry to ask you for this, It's just that it bothers me that no one notice these errors & can't ignore them.

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