• Hey, congrats on the Fandom article (interesting take on it!)

    Not sure if you do corrections, but do you mean "incriminate" instead of "vindicate" when you say "Fudge actively tries to discredit Dumbledore and vindicate him"?

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    • No. "Vindicate" was the verb I went for specifically.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. Do you think the theory holds up to scrutiny?

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    • I hope it does :) He's a sort of caricature of a self-serving politician, so it wouldn't be out of character! I'm surprised they don't have comments sections for these articles...

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    • I've been asking for one to be implemented. Additionally, this always seemed more plausible to me, because here in Florida, we've had politicians do all sorts of unspeakable things, from theft to membership in the KKK.

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    • A FANDOM user
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