• Hi Danny, thanks for the invite. I've registered here and have already seen a couple of places where I'd like to add some info. The first is an edit to the page for Ezra Ahern -- I've found the actor's name for the "uncredited extra" from episode 89, and I'd like to make it active so that it links to the actor's IMDb page. The second instance is for episode 918 -- I noticed that a page is yet to be created for "Olivia's suite"; I'd like to do that by pointing out the previous incarnations of the set design for Olivia's/Amanda's room and want to create a reference link that clicks on to the episode where we first see Olivia's suite (903). So, again, how do I make the "903" an active link that takes you to the page for that episode? I'm looking into screencap options, so I'll be adding props and set design notes starting with the beginning episodes. I guess the best place to add those notes is under the "Production" section, perhaps with a link to a photo I would upload? I'll also be adding some bloopers notes as well as memorable quotes. I always thought DS Wiki was a great site, but I'm especially enthused now that I'll be actively participating. What a fun project! Thanks again for inviting me over -- it's great to be a part of this endeavor. Kind regards, Marc

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    • Hi Marc! If you're using the visual editor, then you can make a link by highlighting the name of the page, and clicking the link icon (a little chain) at the top of the page. If you're using the wikitext editor, then you can make a link by putting double brackets around it, like this: [[Quentin Collins]]

      And you can actually leave me a message on my Dark Shadows Wiki talk page -- w:darkshadows:Message Wall:Toughpigs. It's easier to talk there than it is here at the Community Central wiki, because we can link to DS Wiki pages. Talk to you soon!

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    • Just a note, the correct link to the talkpage is this one

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