• It's Bushwookie9000.I wanted to talk,but I wanted to wait a little before that happened.Look I think we got off on the wrong foot on th SU wiki.I just want to make this very clear that I am not a troll.I'm a 13 year old who is still learning things in wikia.That was the first time that anything like that had ever happened to me because I didn't get a chance to explain that I didn't know half of what I was doing and there was a lot of misundestandings.I will apologize for some of the things I did but not for all of it.It's all our fault because you didn't want to talk it out with me.You and/or the other admins who infinite blocked me.You very well know I was provoked by crystalmomsquad half of the time.That's over now.Again I am sorry for some of the things I have done,and I'm just asking you nicely as a friend to release my block.I will shut down any and all alt accounts and you can hold me accountable for that too but again I'm still learning.A good friend told me that to me today so now I know that making alternates wont help my case.Please understand where I am coming from.Please try to forgive me.I just wanted to hang out and talk about my favorite show.Again I will take full reponsibility for the alt accounts and shut them down,but I just want my original account back first.You don't have to though.I'm quite content with leaving this old account behind.Too many bad memories and all.You can think poorly of me for socking,but like I said forgive me because that is the way to move forward.

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