• Add to family file:

    self.categories_last = ['ar', 'bg', 'ca', …, 'zh']
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    • Excuse me, but I'm not good at using bots, so I haven't understood what I should do yet...

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    • I'm assuming you are using the Python pywikibot framework. If yes, you can add the above line to your families/ or whatever file you use, inside the def __init__(self): section.

      Inside the brackets go the same language codes that are defined on top at self.langs.

      Here's my family file for comparison:

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    • Thanks a lot for your advice!

      I hope I did it correctly (>_<) I run pywikibot to check although I don't know how to check it has been okay or not...

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    • Try running it as usual, just with the addditional parameter -simulate.

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    • I'm so sorry, but would you please me again?

      -simulate made the error "SIMULATION: edit action blocked.", so I could not edit correctly...

      I re-installed pywikibot, and I forgot how to add your code on now...

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    • Hi Plover!

      -simulate will cause pywikibot to run in a "safe mode" which prevents edits from being saved until you force the script to stop. This is for testing commands before actually running them, that way you don't end up accidentally messing something up.

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    • @Cörey-san

      Ohhh... Thank you so much for helping me!

      @all: Maybe I have not understood how to use self.categories_last yet although it was written on my file, so I would like to say sorry for bothering...

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    • You're not bothering. ;)

      Here's another pastebin, same file:

      As Corey said, -simulate prevents the actual editing, but you should be able to see the results in the command line. You don't need it if you want to try out your bot at once.

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    • @PedroM-san

      I really appreciate your kindness! Thanks a lot!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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