• Hello and Good morning, night or afternoon. I want to request, if possible, for your character Sayruri Hatake to be part and featured in my FanFiction Untitled for a future chapter I have already in mind. Of course, I plan to change her history or go a different route that would still be possible for my story's progression and such. The first one I have in mind has her born into the Naruto-verse in Konoha as a female version of Sasuke¬†Uchiha - completely replacing him in the processes - or have her as a sister. The second option involves Naruto make a mistake and sending him to Sayuri's own timeline and the rest can be made out easily. I'm still working with those two ideas on which one is more plausible to do. Hope to hear from you soon, so good luck with whatever it is you are doing and good health.

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