• Hi. Why did you revert my edits?

    Firstly, are individual wikis referred to as “wikias”? So, the website and platform is called Wikia, and individual wikis within are referred to as “wikias,” not “wikis”?

    Also, I removed the em dash and replaced it with a comma because a comma is much better to use in that scenario.

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    • I reverted it because Wikia staff call wikis wikias. Don't ask me why it's used, it's not my decision to use that instead, but you'll find it used everyone on Community Central. I didn't see the second part of the edit, apologies for that.

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    • Ah, okay. That’s weird. I thought that it was just a mistake and that wikis are referred to as wikis, not wikias.

      The website and platform being called Wikia, but individual, user-created wikis therewithin being called wikias is rather weird, in my opinion.

      Anyway, no worries.

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    • A FANDOM user
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