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    Please discuss this via Special:Contact, not a public forum, as suggested.
    18:44, June 15, 2016

    I am being harassed and slandered on Wikia. The two wiki's here that are doing this are 1.) (I've deleted the most recent, please see edit history)[http://]

    and here

    I am Rome Viharo, fyi. I have been harassed, stalked, and threatened by this individual for over two years. I have been blogging about editorial abuses on Wikipedia by this individual please see here

    This person has been attacking and destroying my reputation for quite some time and I am seeking legal activity against this individual. The posts here are extreme slander and I request their immediate removal.

    I am not sure who to turn to here or where to go and hoping I can get some advice.

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    • You can use Special:Contact to contact a staff member or report it on the VSTF wiki, as for the email spam you might want to contact the gmail authorities or block him. Also delete all your "Favourite wikis" on your userpage so he can't take advantage of it to stalk u.

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    • Plutosoccer removed their post, but the suggestion to contacting Wikia is the best you've got.

      I firmly believe they'll do little to nothing about it. It's satire, the way I see it. Everyone passes a joke, mocks a person, documents other people's successes and failures, and immortalizes an individual on something they've done.

      (I have little knowledge in this area below)
      You are slowly but steadily becoming a Public Figure in life - if you aren't considered one already - which exposes you to Fair Comment. Someone that simply documents what you've done in life, and makes opinions against you - whether true or false - and sharing it with people is not something you can create a lawsuit for. If you can prove that they are putting that information up with Actual Malice, you might have a case.

      To be sharp, I suggest you deal with it and try to do more commendable things in your life. It's one of the ways these people will lose interest in you, but it's no guarantee.

      Finally, I have reverted your blanking of w:c:real-life-villains:Rome Viharo. Let Wikia handle it if it needs action. Vandalism is not going to get you anywhere.

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    • I don't mind fair commentary, or even critical commentary on things I have done. What I do mind is commentary on things that I have not done (internet predator?? paranoid drug user?? preying on children??) I have a documented two year history in dealing with this person. thank you

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    • Google Rome Viharo before taking a word Rome says seriously.

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    • From the Raionalwiki entry on him (if you google his name):

      "Viharo has a persecution complex where even if his real name is mentioned - he claims he is being "harassed". He has gone as far as fabricating a claim he has been harassed offline, or on his phone - which there is no evidence for. Viharo also alleges fake "impersonator" accounts of him appeared on a forum, yet only a single account appeared with his name, with 3 or 4 harmless satirical posts."

      Viharo seems to claim he is "cyberbullied" for attention and sympathy. Which is rather sad to say the least."

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    • @ Rome Viharo

      Your website "wikipediawehaveaprobem" stalks and harasses Wikipedia editors. Its already been pointed out to you some of these people are young. "cyberstalking children" is an accurate description since you set up a whole website about these other editors, when some are not adults. This is why another website calls you an "internet predator". I suggest if you don't want to be called these things you close your website or stop following these editors you are obsessed with around.

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    • You are an infamous person on the internet

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    • 'leuders' is the individual who has created all of this pages and links showing up in Google search on me. He wrote the Rational Wiki entry he is qouting above. He also impersonates me and performs what are known as 'joe jobbing' campaigns against individuals.

      Wikipedia We Have a Problem is a responsible first person case study into Wikipedia abuses. Leaders and other editors who have been called out for harassment are trying to intimidate me into removing these reports. 

      This person has a very disturbed mind, and he will do this to anyone who crosses him on the internet. I advise this community here to remove him, and request his slanderous, libelous remarks, made with malicious intent to do harm be removed.

      Please see here where he has sent me threating emails and promises to do this '500' times on the internet.

      I welcome any independent third party to validate my claims.

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    • Send any complaints/requests/whatever to Special:Contact/general. Having it here in public will just end up in a big heated argument that helps noone.

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    • Leuders wrote: Google Rome Viharo before taking a word Rome says seriously.

      Did it, thanks Leuders. Whew the Drama!!!!

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    • @ Rome Viharo

      Do you know my age? I'm under 18. I just find it creepy you are in your mid or late 40's and you stalk Wikipedia editors, writing about them on your website and fishing for their personal info. If anything that's illegal, not the people warning about your malicious internet activities.

      This is why you've been described as an internet predator, even pedo-ish.

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