This is an experiment in an attempt at a new cross-wikia Babel template. The aim is to create a single Babel template which does the work of all the babel templates so that we no longer have the number of differences which make some babel templates work differently than others. Another goal as stated is to make the new template in a format which can be included directly into any wiki in the Wikia network without needing any alteration of the CSS on the wiki. Information on the start of this can be found at Forum:New Babel Template?. --Dantman (Talk)


Template:Babel?oldid=1338142 was imported from w:c:wlb:Template:Babel. If you can correct or translate or add some languages, could you help us?

Thank you♪ --Plover-Y (talk / KirbyWiki / WLB Wiki) 03:40, September 13, 2014 (UTC)

Minor nit Edit

The stupid template/doc subpage together with the template should not end up in User language categories, but after fixing dozens of broken doc-categorizations caused by a bot I'm too lazy for this nit. –Dunnoob 💩 18:35, July 26, 2016 (UTC)

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