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{{VanguardMembers}} is a template that helps present a grid containing information about members of the Vanguard team. To add your info, add a new {{VolunteerCard}} and fill it out.

|extimage         = 
|image            = 
|user             = 
|name             = 
|description      = 
|skype            = 
|lang             = 
|lang-title       = {{{lang-title|}}}
|wall-title       = {{{wall-title|}}}
|skype-title      = {{{skype-title|}}}
|irc-title        = {{{irc-title|}}}
  • user means your Fandom user name
  • name means your real life name (if you wish to provide it)
  • description tells something about yourself which can be as humorous or serious as you choose
  • skype indicates your skype nick
  • lang gives your fluency in whichever languages you know. Please be sure to include your Babel rating for each language. (For example: "ES-N" indicates native fluency in Spanish; "DE-1" means you have only basic German.)
  • image is a standard File:, or you can use the extimage syntax below.

Note that extimage should be in a particular format in order to show up correctly. Go to the File page on which your image can be found. Then, click on your image until you get to the "natural" or "real" URL for that image. It'll look something like this:

Then add the following to the end of the URL


This will make the whole URL

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