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この利用者は 日本語母語としています。
This user has a basic level of English.

Hi there! I'm Tommy6, a wikian mainly providing supports for Japanese wikis as a helper. I joined wikia on November 1, 2007 and became a helper on May 2008.


As you can see in above, I have a right called Helper.

Helper (Wikia Helper Group) is a user group and right to support wikia wikis, its comunities, and individual users. This group mainly consists of interns.

Helpers can use sysop and some additional tools for almost all wikia projects. This concept aims at dealing with some kind of vandalisms - for instance, content ruing, inserting spams, and so forth (though some part of such work is mainly for VSTF members especially in English field) and providing supports about wikia functions and operations.

If we see this right from the view of the MediaWiki system, I can do almost the same actions with local administrators for all project except for some special wikis. But, helpers do not use such tools based on local wiki policies except in projects that apply confidence as a local administartor for them.

Others, welcoming new users, navigating Wikia/MediaWiki functions, and some other supports is also my work. If you have any problems or questions you and/or your community cannot solve, post your messages on My Talk Page or Forums on Japanese Central.

My Activity

As a member of the Helper Group, all Japanese projects are range of my activities. But, as a contributor, I'm editing mainly in below projects.

Anipedia+M+N FFXIclopedia
Anipedia+M+N FFXIclopedia Japanese Japanese Central Wikia


Thank you for reading my English messages. I'm studying English now and my English posts may have contain some strange expressions. If you see some ununderstandable stuff, please ask me.

Contact Me

  • Wikia: My Talk Page - To contact me on wikia.
  • IRC: #wikia-ja or #wikia channels on freenode. I am there with a nick "Tommy6" (cloak: wikia/Tommy6).
  • E-mail: Mail Me - If you need a private contact, please send me a mail via Wikimail function. If you want reply, set your e-mail address in Preferences Page.

Twitter (in Japanese, sometimes in English)