This is the template documentation for the Unity Wiki Template, a template which references various wikis related to using Unity's Game Engine platform.

Template Design Edit

The Design, Style and Documentation for this Template was taken from Template:RobloxWikis InterWiki template, you can find out more information about the original Template, Style and Design there.

Adding this template onto your Unity Project Wiki Edit

(Note that you can only add this to a wiki's main page if you have sufficient permissions to edit it)

Using the Source Editor Edit

  1. Go to the home page and click "EDIT" and go into the Source Editor by clicking the menu button right next to the "Cancel" button and then click "Source Editor" and paste the following code wherever you desire:
  2. Publish your changes.

Using the Classic Editor Edit

  1. Access the classic editor by clicking the arrow next to the "edit" button and clicking "classic editor"
  2. Switch to the source editor by clicking the "source editor" tab next to the visual editor tab"
  3. Insert the follow code wherever you desire:
  4. Publish your changes.

Adding your wiki to the template Edit

  1. Go to the editor.
  2. We want to keep this template in alphabetical order. Find the appropriate alphabetical range for the link based off the Unity Project Name (ex: Sort The Court!).
  3. Insert this into the template:
    [[w:c:"WikiDomain"|<span style="color:#FFF">"UnityProjectName"</span>]]
    • Change "WikiDomain" to the domain of the wiki (the part before or
    • Change "UnityProjectName" to the name of the Unity project the wiki is based on.
  4. Publish your changes.

Template Customization Edit

UnityWikis is one of the few Interwiki templates on Fandom that enables its affiliated communities to customize the template through their CSS. Although it would be easier to provide customization parameters within the template itself; using CSS classes was found to be more efficient in template loading, template size, AND page size.

UnityWikis has certain classes that allows communities to customize certain parts of the template:

  1. .UnityWikis-Head: This controls the top part of the template.
  2. .UnityWikis-HeadButton: The head buttons are the button-like links that link users to the template page, this info page, and the Interwiki Discord.
  3. .UnityWikis-Notice: This part of the template is not always active, as it is usually used for polls for communities' opinions on changes.
  4. .UnityWikis-TableAll: Customizes the table and background.
  5. .UnityWikis-OddRow: Customizes rows A-E and P-S.
  6. .UnityWikis-EvenRow: Customizes rows F-O and T-Z.

Keep in mind that each of these are critical to the template, NONE of these classes should be customized to be hidden. Doing so can result in temporary suspension of the wiki until the wiki resolves the issue.

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