An explanation of the code of the infobox
Note that linebreaks have been added, sparingly, for readability on this page.
The code An explanation

<title source="title"><default>''Unknown''</default></title>

<image source="image"><caption source="imagecaption"/></image>

<header>Some attributes</header>

<data source="first"><label>First</label>
<data source="second"><label>Second</label>
<data source="third"><label>Third</label>

<header>Other attributes</header>

<data source="fourth"><label>Fourth</label></data>
<data source="fifth"><label>Fifth</label></data>
<data source="sixth"><label>Sixth</label></data>

<group layout="horizontal">

<data source="previous"><label>Previous</label></data>
<data source="next"><label>Next</label></data>

</infobox></onlyinclude><noinclude><br style="clear:both;"/>


Opens the infobox. This title is
the top of the infobox: if unspecified it says "Unknown".

NOTE: whitespace (linebreaks) don't affect the code.

Here is the image and image's caption.
If {{{image}}} or {{{imagecaption}}} is undefined,
the image or caption is omitted.

The first two-column header. It says "Some attributes".
Feel free to change "Some attributes" to your needs!

Each of these is a field in the infobox.
They represent {{{first}}}, {{{second}}}, {{{third}}}.
By default, they say "First", "Second", "Third".
If undefined, they say "Unknown".

The second two-column header.

These are 3 infobox fields, but they're different
from the previous (red) fields. They'll be totally
will be totally hidden, if their parameters are undefined.

The third two-column header.

Because of the layout="horizontal", These two parameters
display side-by-side instead of one after the other.

Closes the infobox.
It's best not to mess with this.
Now the table and infobox is closed.
This last template displays documentation.

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