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"Preferred pronouns"[]

I believe the language of this sentence should be amended slightly:

Do not use the term ‘preferred pronouns’ as this implies that they are somehow not real or that they are optional to use. Simply use ‘pronouns’.

The intended meaning, as I understand it, is that an transgender individual or character with a single set of pronouns should not have their pronouns referred to as "preferred pronouns". Which is obviously correct.

However, there are circumstances when the phrase is perfectly appropriate, namely individuals of characters who use several sets of pronouns interchangeably but may indeed have a primary set of "preferred" pronouns. (For example, a non-binary person who prefers to use neopronouns but is also fine with people defaulting to "they/them".) The wording of the sentence I quoted does not seem to account for this; it should, I think, be tweaked for clarity. Scrooge MacDuck (talk) 19:40, 13 September 2021 (UTC)

Untitled 1[]

So why there wasn't an announcement over this? —This unsigned comment is by Fraudulent Businessman (wallcontribs) 18:46, 21 September 2021 (UTC). Please sign your comments by adding "~~~~" in the source editor.

Definition of "deadname"[]

Currently the definition of "deadname" is mentioned a few times in the guidelines;

Under "Key Definitions" section:

Deadname - the name that a transgender person was given at birth and no longer uses upon transitioning. It should be noted that not every transitioning individual changes their name.

Under "Previous Identity" section:

As stated earlier in this document, a deadname is a name a transgender person was given at birth and no longer uses... Unfortunately, deadnaming is a common form of aggression and discrimination that transgender people face.

Deadnaming is not something exclusive to transgender people, though it could be said that it is most heavily associated in current culture with transgender people. Nonbinary people that are not transgender (e.g. intersex, genderless identities) or that do not identify as transgender can change their name and then have a deadname. Same goes for intersex people, or even cisgender people if they have enough discomfort with the name they were given at birth. I'm aware that a lot of online resources and dictionaries do solely define it to be related to transgender people, but I've certainly seen people who aren't transgender (such as myself) use it since its general premise - a name no longer used that should not again be used for that person - can be applied to much more.

I'm not too sure how to directly suggest to modify this to be a little better, since I'm not too good at wording stuff. It is absolutely crucial to discuss on guidelines regarding gender identity, because deadnaming is indeed a common form of aggression and discrimination that many people face, especially towards LGBTQ+ people. But I feel that in general, it should be reworded to include the more encompassing definition, and so it does not imply that it is solely a term for and used by transgender people. This would have the addition of the guidelines then also protecting non-transgender users, people, and characters with deadnames. And of course, this is not any accusation of intent, just a concern since it's a little weird to be excluded from a definition of a pretty important term. ~ Karasu || user // contact // CC wall ~✨ 00:44, 20 January 2022 (UTC)