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The Owl House Wiki

Link to your wiki: The Owl House Wiki

The wiki discussions are very active, but unfortunately in the last few months there have been many attacks and threats from some people in posts, which is why many users have decided to leave the wiki, we on the wiki staff have not been able to be active in discussions, and no one has shown interest in being a local Moderator to monitor the discussions.

RedBall [ TCE📝 ] 18:12, November 17, 2020 (UTC) 18:12, November 17, 2020 (UTC)

Disney Wiki

Link to your wiki:

Heya! I'm Anna and I've noticed that Annabeth and Percy is the only active DMod on the Disney wiki, and she's doing an amazing job, but I don't want her to take the load of it. The Disney wiki is big and there are usually disrespectful users and other things, and I would like to help her out, whether it's me or there's an election held or something else. Newt Strike used to be a DMod, but I heard he was demoted, so the wiki is certainly lacking some discussion moderation. And as I said previously, Annabeth and Percy is doing an amazing job, but I feel the Disney wiki is so big and there are so many active users who'd love to help. And I'm not saying she isn't active, but I'm saying she doesn't make too many posts, and I love when DMods still engage with the users. And I'm saying this again, she's doing an amazing job.

Anna Styles (talk) 16:33, December 2, 2020 (UTC)Anna Styles

FNaF Sister Location Wikia

Link to your wiki:

Hello, I am from the FNAF SL wiki, and I've noticed that it has become a total train wreck with posts and spam. There are absolutely no discussion moderators. The admins at the wiki have forgotten about the discussion and are lingering around the pages, leaving the discussion unfiltered. I was active in this wiki once, but I left because there were too much notifications. Please clean this mess up! IttyBerri (talk) 14:02, December 7, 2020 (UTC)

Debates Jungle

Link to your wiki:

Request came in via Zendesk

Game widow ( talk ) 00:19, January 16, 2021 (UTC)

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