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07:29, January 15, 2005Googleadscreenshot.png (file)30 KBAngela (Screenshot of the advertising page with the new ads on it. Used on the [ Wikicities recent changes blog]. {{screenshot}})
03:20, January 17, 2005Mozwiki-mycss.png (file)45 KBMe at work (My CSS edits to make google ads palletable, ignore the rest of the lovely css that I've thrown in my custom file.)
04:13, January 17, 2005Adsondiffpages.png (file)15 KBAngela ({{screenshot}})
23:02, February 1, 2005Wikicities.ico (file)894 BLouCypher (favicon)
03:49, February 6, 2005Wikicities Fredrik.png (file)6 KBFredrik (logo entry)
18:42, February 6, 2005Headbg.jpg (file)12 KBAngela (Based on the Wikipedia portal design by Wikipedia:User:Forseti. Image from based on an image within the monobook skin by Wikipedia:User:Gwicke.)
03:58, February 10, 2005Wikicities 75x32.png (file)3 KBJasonr (text logo)
18:42, February 15, 2005Copyright.png (file)3 KBAngela (From the Wikimedia Commons)
04:04, February 17, 2005Wmffundraisingad.png (file)13 KBAngela ({{screenshot}})
23:14, February 25, 2005Mozilla favicon.ico (file)1 KBMe at work (Favicon for Mozilla Community )
03:02, March 15, 2005Athens.PNG (file)53 KBJWSchmidt (Wikicities logo)
18:06, March 16, 2005Topper.jpg (file)3 KBGarzo (A picture of Gareth Hughes in his tophat)
18:17, March 16, 2005WikicitiesNetwork.png (file)5 KBJasonr (A diagram of the current network topology for Wikicities)
20:43, March 17, 2005Logo by running.png (file)15 KBRunning (gimp-made logo WIKIcities, 2nd version)
02:17, March 19, 2005Star Wars favicon.ico (file)4 KBLouCypher (Favicon for Star Wars)
03:52, March 30, 2005Chris3.jpg (file)183 KBMrcrister 
13:44, April 9, 2005FettesAlchemy.png (file)259 KBJWSchmidt (Sir William Fettes Douglas -- The Alchemist -- 19th century. Public domain image from WikiPedia.
20:16, April 12, 2005Mathx314 logo entry.png (file)39 KBMathx314 (logo entry)
18:46, April 13, 2005Wikicities1.png (file)3 KBZach Alexander (Logo submitted to logo contest, User:Zach Alexander)
19:02, April 13, 2005Qbgwc.png (file)16 KBMe at work (QBasic Gorillas - Wiki Cities)
19:22, May 3, 2005Linkunits.png (file)9 KBAngela (tidy)
17:45, June 10, 2005SGCommand.gif (file)43 KBSGCommand wikia (My proposed StargateCommand logo.)
15:22, June 11, 2005Tony Sidaway train.jpg (file)7 KBTony Sidaway 
17:29, June 16, 2005Wikibus.jpg (file)3 KBJWSchmidt (Image from [ Wikipedia]. {{GFDL}})
05:52, June 28, 2005Wikicities-ball-logo.png (file)12 KBAngela ({{fair use}} Idea for a logo. Meant to inspire the creation of something similar - dn't actually use this for the logo. See logo contest.)
05:55, June 28, 2005Alt logo.png (file)7 KBAngela (From an idea submitted to the Wikipedia logo contest. Maybe GFDL? If not fair use, since it's just an idea, not an actual logo for use here. See logo contest.)
15:47, July 2, 2005Babelbox2demo.png (file)15 KBUpssdr ({{Wikipedia-screenshot}})
18:56, July 2, 2005WikicitiesJR.png (file)3 KBJoey Roe (Logo contest entry.)
19:03, July 2, 2005WikicitiesJRico.png (file)241 BJoey Roe (Logo contest entry - icon (png).)
19:22, July 2, 2005WikicitiesGothamJR.png (file)3 KBJoey Roe (A variation on Zach Alexander's entry.)
00:00, July 3, 2005Pri.png (file)156 BDCLXVI (@ sign to be used in emails to prevent spam © 2004 Borislav Manolov {{GFDL}} )
10:33, July 3, 2005SquaresR.png (file)7 KBUpssdr (logo contest)
17:17, July 5, 2005Wikicities.png (file)12 KBAussie Evil ("Shooting Star" Wikicities logo)
06:30, July 29, 2005Heidi in garland.JPG (file)14 KBNik (Me and my cousin Heidi)
01:58, August 5, 2005Wikicities-crystal-ball.gif (file)6 KBDanielwang (Crystal ball Wikicities logo for logo contest. This image may be freely used on Wikicities.)
13:48, August 5, 2005Shaneylogo.png (file)6 KBShaney (Entry for logo contest)
22:32, August 5, 2005Golden-forest-site-style.png (file)27 KBDanielwang ((a preview of a site style) early comment & criticism welcome)
01:12, August 14, 2005Confwebalizer 2005.png (file)7 KBAngela (Merge of [] with]. {{screenshot}})
15:23, August 14, 2005W3p.png (file)10 KBFeklee (WikiCities rendered in parallel perspective.)
22:16, August 14, 2005W3pi.png (file)499 BFeklee (WikiCities favicon)
11:03, August 16, 2005Quote.png (file)656 BMproud (A nice graphic for citations. For use with a quote template. I created the file.)
23:59, August 20, 2005Ryan cutout.jpg (file)11 KBRTOlson (Ryan Olson, aka RTOlson, sits at a table at The Library restaurant in Houghton, Mich. in December 2004.)
05:37, August 27, 2005Gutza-purple.png (file)8 KBAngela (recolored version of (c) Wikipedia:User:Gutza (fair use for now) {{fair use}})
16:03, August 27, 2005Logo-c1.png (file)3 KBFeklee (Hooked up W.)
20:19, September 1, 2005Logo-c2.png (file)11 KBFeklee (W - Evolution!)
13:41, September 2, 2005Wikifavicon.png (file)254 BGlitterforbrains (Entry for WikiCities favicon based on Zach Alexander's original entry.)
15:18, September 4, 2005Infinite-squares.png (file)1 KBMelSkunk (Infintate Squares logo, a varation on the ideas of Joey Roe and Gutza)
09:05, September 12, 2005Birthday.jpg (file)15 KBAngela (:Source: [ Wikimedia Commons] :Derived from/Derivata da [] :Man with birthday cake. Photo: [ Ghearing family]. :L)
03:53, September 26, 2005Jimmyoncspan.jpg (file)24 KBAngela (Jimmy Wales on C-Span. Source: Screen shot from {{screenshot}})
19:08, October 3, 2005Art-radagast.jpg (file)46 KBDarth Mantus 

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